Buyisiwe Joy Dlamini – Founder

Buhle Bendalo Designs is one part of the Buhle Bendalo Group. “Buhle Bendalo” is the isiZulu term for “the beauty of creation or nature”. Buhle Bendalo Designs, BBD as it is often referred to, is the brainchild of Buyisiwe Joy Dlamini: an Economics and Management major who had the sudden realization while in a role at a construction consultancy agency, that she was as equally interested in seeing a building go up as well as making the interior space as functional and beautiful as possible.

Buhle Bendalo Designs therefore came to serve the need of the client who craves having a space they can relate to and which they feel empowers them.

Buhle Bendalo Designs is an interiors consulting studio with the following service offering:

  • Interior Design and Decor
  • Interior Styling
  • Customized Furniture
  • Homeware and Soft Furnishings
  • Design and build-out of kitchen and bathroom vanities

We go above and beyond to create our client’s dream space and excel at working with our clients in the creative process. “The beauty of creation” is at the forefront of our minds when moulding a space.


Posted by:Buyi Joy

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