I found myself spending a good part of my Saturday meandering around Johannesburg trying to find lush fabrics for my first luxury cushion collection. Being immersed in pieces from luxury homeware and furniture houses such as Bakos Brothers and Cassaredo, I’ve always subconsciously known that I wanted to make luxury homeware pieces. Luxury pieces are not for every consumer, but it serves the qualities I most admire in design and creation: longevity and flexibility to play. I love playing with scatter cushions and so I wanted to create something that would last my clients and that they could engage with aesthetically.

What I didn’t bargain for was the pricing of fabrics. Good fabric costs a lot and if you want to manufacture great quality products, your materials must be of the highest quality. I could skim off quality and choose instead to fuel quantity, but I would rather work with a few clients who trust and believe in what I create and who expect a smaller production as opposed to bulk manufacture. With the overtaking of the Asian market in South Africa, I also wanted a brand that would be proudly South African: from the way it looks to the people who help me create it. I’m proud of this desire and as my products grow, I hope to help as many people as I can to earn a living from work of which they are proud. As I take this journey from mind to paper to production, I can only look forward to the final good.

Posted by:Buyi Joy

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