I love lights and when I was mulling (yes, mulling) over some of the most innovative lighting fixture designs I have seen, I came across this list of utter light creativity and talent. It may be a bit weird to wake up energized on a Saturday morning at 6am to type into my search bar “Lights that will change my life” but this is something quite normal for me. Would I make a light? Uhm, of course. I’m one of those people who gets so preoccupied by trying and perfecting new things that I may just decide to make my client some lamps for her entrance room. I can’t find a lamp shade to match her room scheme so I’ve been contemplating taking the big leap and making her one to see what she thinks of it. I’m nervous ofcourse but the childish excitement that filled my heart when I came across these quirky lights may just be a sign.

This week I’ll be profiling some of my favourite lights: they are anything from lit up books to a kitsch pendant light in the shape of an ice cream cone … Now you know I can’t say no to a soft-serve ice cream 🙂  To be quite honest, my infatuation with lighting is not a newly discovered interest. It all began with the most treasured story ever told – Harry Potter. I’m one of those die-hard fans of the series. I mean my five year plan does include a visit to Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida; a Harry Potter themed 30th birthday party; and introducing my new born baby to the world in dress robes and not in the predictable onesie choice.

Yearly Welcoming Feast

I loved the play on lighting with the thousand floating candles and pale lanterns hanging above the students as I first read about them in “The Philosopher’s Stone”. Before throwing myself into a Harry Potter lifestyle, I was not aware that the room mood could inspire lighting: we see this throughout the book, whenever evil looms or there is mourning, the Great Hall is filled with very sombre lighting. Of course this is an enchantment over the room, but it always meant a little more to me. It seems life was always pushing me towards an appreciation of manipulating a space to serve a purpose.

Halloween Feast

Anyway back to regular programing, here are some of the most beautiful, creative and innovative lights I have EVER seen:

Exotic Gourde Lamps by Calabarte


Bubbleskull Lamp by Hedi Xant


Portable Book-Shaped Light by Max Gunawan, Lumio


Ice Cream Bulb Sockets by Alex Garnett


Here is the exhaustive list here.

Happy Lighting Days everyone.

:)x B


Posted by:Buyi Joy

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