It’s 2017 and the last thing I expected was to announce the return of Baroque in interiors. Yup, it has slowly crept up on us and it seems its modernization makes it a formidable style to incorporate into our homes in 2017.

Chateau de Versailles
Architecture: Château de Versailles

So what is Baroque?

Baroque is a period of artistic style which began in the 17th century in Italy and spread throughout most of Europe. During this time exuberance, exaggeration and drama were the major focus of architecture; dance; interiors; literature; painting; sculpture; theatre and; music. Everything was theatrical. The Catholic Church is also believed to have encouraged the grandeur in the arts to communicate religious themes with direct and emotional involvement. During this period art projected power, triumph and control and was also a means to separate the social classes.

Sculpture: Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

In interiors, the Baroque movement informed monumental staircases; rich and bold colours such as aubergine purple and ruby red; chamber and state rooms and; exuberant use of curves.


baroque furniture
Interiors: Furniture

I pretty much grew up around pieces informed by midcentury artistic style. My mom is obsessed with this kind of opulence and regardless of how time changes, she always manages to sneak up a character chair or dresser similar to the pieces you see. I never thought it dated until I studied Interior Design through the ages. In fact, I never considered it. It was always just there. I knew it was her preference and underlying all of that, it always seemed luxurious and flamboyant. I guess that’s how it separated the classes in the 1600s because of that feeling of excess it invokes.

How do these pieces of art make you feel? Definitely not for the consumption of the minimalism crazed person.

Modern Baroque

Doheny Residence - Kelly Wearstler
Doheny Residence by Kelly Wearstler

Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler is the queen of the modern baroque interior style. Her fearless style encapsulates bold colours, textures and patterns and; vintage and modern midcentury informed pieces.

Doheny Residence
Doheny Residence by Kelly Wearstler

And so I pronounce April the Baroque study season. We will delve into Kelly’s career and work as well as how to achieve this trend in modern times. Stay tuned for BaroqueApril.

:)x B

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