Welcome to Baroque April!

This month we delve into Baroque architecture and interior design. Baroque is on the trend list for 2017. I spent some time researching the period and its modern influence and discovered a world of information which could not be contained in one post.

This is our second last post on Baroque. I’m crushed. I’ve found it not only highly informative to research this era but also very important in the continuous framing of my design style. I told you that my mom loves a luxury pad and I felt more aware of her love for rich pieces during these last three weeks.

Interiors, Furniture, Sculptures and Paintings

Now I’d be lying if I said I understood art and why some of it is classified as better than, and by default more expensive, than other pieces. Yes I know the better the tools that make it (cleanliness; quality; finish; strokes; material etc.) the better that piece will be regarded, but I mean an understanding that is far deeper than that: the type of understanding that can quantify the value of a painting or a sculpture.  This does not mean that I don’t have an appreciation for beautiful art, specifically paintings and sculptures. I love art, be it on the side of the road; at the theatre; in an art gallery; a museum … art is everywhere and I have a deep connection with it. But not as deep as I do with ceramics and chairs, I mean – how gorgeous can a chair be?

Today I look at some of my favourite interiors; furnishings; sculptures and; paintings that are influenced by the Baroque era. These spaces and pieces have cemented how little we know about the places and things we encounter daily. It’s possible to have slept in a modern Baroque bedroom for years and not have recognized it as such. We are in a state of constant learning and unlearning as we navigate our lives and our passions, I think that is beautiful and worthy of the time we each spend on earth.


Posted by:Buyi Joy

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