Welcome to Baroque April!

This month we delve into Baroque architecture and interior design. Baroque is on the trend list for 2017. I spent some time researching the period and its modern influence and discovered a world of information which could not be contained in one post.

This is our final Baroque April post. Next week Monday when we meet, it’ll be May. Where has the year gone? In Johannesburg: the mornings are chilly and darker; boots are being unpacked; and crispy brown leaves fill the garden. Today, I’d like to look at a few ways to incorporate baroque features and touches into your home.


Baroque ceilings are highly detailed, decorated and very lush with finishes such as gold, wood and marble. They look like murals and more often than not, have large and dramatic hanging chandeliers.

To add some drama and elegance to your ceiling, consider adding some gold plated or painted ceiling trim. And what about a chandelier? Choose your favourite one at Kichler.

European Living Room image Source


Baroque walls have personality and there is a lot of play with texture and levels. Add a fireplace with a mantel; a warm wallpaper; and large framed mirrors and artwork. You can also adorn your bathroom walls with mosaic for added effect.

Modern Baroque wall play


Round and oval high standing windows with some frame detail above the window are characteristics of the baroque period. What better way to say luxury than adding time period treatments such as valance curtains to your window? To create body and extravagance, consider: velvet fabrics; and floral prints.

Classic Baroque Drapery


Baroque styled floors are made of marble or granite or wood. To emphasize the chandelier, the area directly below it is covered with an inlay, rug or carpet. Play with a Persian rug in that space for more opulence.

Image source

Please hashtag #BaroqueApril or tag @buhlebendalodesigns if you happen to do some changes to your space and lean towards some Baroque features. I would love to see.

The End.

:)x B

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Posted by:Buyi Joy

2 replies on “How to do Baroque: 4 ways

  1. I love a modern take on baroque style! I naively didn’t realise it was making a come back! thanks for the fab posts and tips!! I am Currently designing and attempting to integrate subtle baroque features within our design, inspired by your posts and Kelly’s designs too! (Sorry New to this blog thing ☺️)


    1. Hey Lucy! Thank so much for reading. I’m glad you found it helpful. Please show me pictures. I’d love to see once you’re done or as you attempt the new decor elements. All the best x


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