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I’m introducing a new feature called ‘Weekend Loving’. Although some of my friends think I spend my weekends in bed avoiding their calls, this is far from the truth, I promise. Most of my weekends are spent on the lookout for beautiful spaces: be it a coffee spot; a new rug store or; even new fabrics at a local fabric haven. But lately I’ve been on the lookout for beautiful showhouses. I’m programming my mind for the home I’m buying next year (“from my lips to God’s ears”). So this Weekend Loving feature will incorporate some of my favourite finds whether in food; travel or; the architectural and design spaces.

This weekend I spent time looking at two Balwin Properties: The Cambridge and The Polofields. Two years back I was apartment hunting and came across Balwin Properties. At the time I was looking in Greenstone (East Rand) or in Fourways (North Rand). Some of my family had suggested the Greenstone developments to me. Seeing the way Weylandts had styled Balwin’s show houses made me fall in love more with the designs. What is it about simple pieces with a twist that always has me in a knot? I have a severe weakness for Weylandts and last year when I was assisting my mother in decorating her new place, I’d spend countless hours over the weekend sitting at their coffee shop just taking in their pieces and their room staging. As a matter of fact, had it not been for seeing their staging at these two Balwin properties, we would not have fallen in love so easily with the Weylandts way. Due to affordability, I never bought a Balwin property. I settled for something slightly cheaper with standard features and less lifestyle perks.

Interior Decor by DNX Interiors (Image Source: Balwin)

Buuuuut this weekend, my sister and I decided to drive around and view some of their newer developments i.e. The Cambridge and The Polofields. You can spot a Balwin property from kilometres away because of their grey Chromadek roof sheeting. To say I am absolutely besotted with The Polofields is an understatement. THE FINISHES! They are like nothing I have seen from Balwin before. And I have been to 7 of their developments. Did I mention THE FINISHES!!!!! (Can I insert an iOs weeping emoji here?) There are the frosted glass bathroom doors in the main bedroom, something I haven’t seen in any of their other developments. I can also tell you I’d spend most of my days just sitting in the kitchen looking at my cupboards. By the way the bigger appliances are built into the cupboards, perfect hiding spot to protect your food from the cousin who eats everything. All at once.

Image Source: Balwin

The development overlooks the stunning and lush Waterfall Estate. Hashtag View Goals. Have a little over R2million to spare on a property? Don’t look back, transfer it immediately to my bank account 🙂

Interior Decor by DNX Interiors (Image Source: Balwin)

The development of the Polofields by Balwin Properties effectuates a vision to create luxurious residential accommodation, aesthetically pleasing whilst fulfilling a need for quality affordable upmarket housing, within the Waterfall precinct.

And boy oh boy, do they live up to this promise. My favourite two of the showhouses were 3 and 2 bedrooms done by Collaro Designs and DNX Interior Design (owned by Donald Nxumalo). Here are some pictures; feast your eyes.


Decor by DNX Interiors. (Image my own)

All other images are Balwin‘s. To see live video footage of these homes, visit my Instagram.

Interior Decor by DNX Interiors (Image Source: Balwin)
Interior Decor by DNX Interiors (Image Source: Balwin)


Interior Decor by Collaro Designs (Image Source: Balwin)
Interior Decor by Collaro (Image Source: Balwin)

And there it is ladies and gentlemen: a masterpiece. If you want to make your heart happy and your eyes blessed, spend your weekend viewing this property. If for no other reason than to bask in perfection.

I spent my weekend loving these spaces, what did you love this past weekend?

:)x B


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