Weylandt's Lounge Styling.jpg
Pieces sourced from Weylandts. Moodboard created by me on Olioboard.

On Friday I went into the Weylandts store in Fourways. I was there specifically to look at their merchandising and also to see some of their new pieces. I had not been there for over 6 months since my mom was furnishing her apartment. As the Kramerville store is far more convenient for us, that’s the one we frequent. It was lovely to be there appreciating their styling from a different location. The stores are very similar and it’s clear that they belong to the same brand. A brand that seems dedicated to continuity, clarity and flow. Weylandts is one of the big design brands that manages to sell its clients a lifestyle and convinces them that a home cannot do with just one piece of their furniture, but thrives off another, even if it can stand on its own. I hope that makes sense…

Weylandts began as a traditional furniture manufacturer in Windhoek Namibia, in 1964. Today the store has eight retail showrooms in South Africa and one in Melbourne, Australia.

The Weylandts aesthetic, initiated by Edgar Weylandt then later refined and curated by his son Chris Weylandt, marries Scandinavian design-mindedness with an African heartbeat. (Weylandts, About)

I’ve put some of my favourites in a mood board and styled them, what do you think?

Shop the look, from right:

Tom Cat Chair, found here

Pure Bookcase, found here

Hammer Jewellery Wall Art, found here

Marconi Daybed (sofa, in grey), found here

Ball Coffee Table, found here

Egg Stool, found here

Wooden Stool, cannot find item online

Leaf Mirror, found here

Floor Lamp in Antique Silver, found here


Hope you all have a lovely week ahead.

:)x B


Posted by:Buyi Joy

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