A few weeks ago in May, I spent some time at Design Joburg: a showcase of South African design talent collaborations. I’ve been to a number of these expos or showcases, but this is the first time that I consciously thought about how to spend my time there. A few weeks before, I began looking at the website and viewing the collaborations that spoke to me as well as familiarizing myself with the various suppliers. Unfortunately I could not make the Friday show (which I had bought tickets for and ended up not being able to exchange) but I so happened to win two Saturday tickets from Destiny Magazine which I desperately needed. Hashtag Blessed. So off my designer friend and I were to the Sandton Convention Centre.

First thoughts

Utmost happiness that the venue is small.

Grand expos are great and all but they are an information overload. The Ticketpro Dome is great for concerts but not for women like me who really enjoy curated design showcases. I just really enjoy interacting with a stand, be it light features or even ceramics, versus a quick walkthrough and blurry images as a reminder. I like to stop at each stand; read any provided information; meet the person manning the stand; discuss their business model, pieces or the industry; take pictures; take a leaflet etc. Because I’m fresh off the bus, I want to learn as much as I can about the industry in as short a time as possible. I’m grateful to the bigger expos for instilling the confidence in me to interact with the various stands: quick note – you cannot afford to be shy when you have hundred or more stands to see. You are quick to get to your point and pose your questions when you feel like just another number of the thousands or millions who will attend that particular showcase. Also, how patient are people at these stands? I’ve manned stands before and it is the most painful and exhausting experience and your face is frozen in a smile and accompanied by one of your ten rehearsed compliments.

Favourite collaborations/exhibitors

Quick aside (thirsty traveler, not design, related: I loved the Johnnie Walker pop up stand that served us various mixes and free cocktails while giving us a tour of the journey of the scotch whisky. It was informative, providing us with information about the history of the bottle shape, the walking man and the main ingredients in each bottle.

La Grange Interiors (favourite)

This stand was by far one of my favourite stands. I’m a monochrome junky. There’s a sense of calm and understated class to pairing black and white and playing off everything else around this.

La Grange Interiors (Image Source: Design Joburg)
La Grange Interiors (Image Source: Design Joburg)
La Grange Interiors (Image Source: Design Joburg)
La Grange Interiors (Image Source: Design Joburg)
La Grange Interiors (Image Source: Design Joburg)

Copperleaf Studio’s “A dinner party” in association with House & Garden collaboration

An uber-luxurious entertainer’s dream space is what Copperleaf Studio are creating for their Collaborative Roomsets feature. Imagine the perfect kitchen meets dining space to host the most decadent yet hospitable dinner parties that go on for hours.

I love to eat. I love to entertain. And I love a rich blue. There were a number of a “bevy of brands” involved in bringing this collaboration together.

Copperleaf Studio (Image Source: Design Joburg)
Copperleaf Studio (Image Source: Design Joburg)
Copperleaf Studio (Image Source: Design Joburg)
Copperleaf Studio (Image Source: Design Joburg)
Copperleaf Studio (Image Source: Design Joburg)

Atelier Interior Design presents “A Sanctuary” in association with Designing Ways

THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE COLLABORATION. I wish I could photoshop an image of me on a pink fluffy cloud into this room. To say I am in love is an understatement. Weeks have passed since I saw this collaboration, but the excitement is almost overwhelming my spelling as I sit and type this. I feel as if I’m on an energy drink high. CALM DOWN B!

I love soft tones and blushes. I really really do.

Adri van Zyl’s bold design aesthetic is well recognised. She’s creating a bathroom/boudoir space that will explore the boundaries between relaxation and invigoration.

I have a design style crush on Adri van Zyl. I will shout it across rooftops if I have to. Her work is impeccable. It’s bold and playful and soft and lovely and classic. I’m a fan. I guess it also didn’t hurt that she created a bathroom (my favourite room in the house). I guess I’m not so partial after all 🙂 It truly is a sanctuary. And those pendant lights (insert in love emoticon). It felt like a powder room, for a woman who loves to bath, and read and drink tea. Like me.

Atelier. (Images my own)
Atelier. (Images my own)
Atelier. (Images my own)

There are a ton of other amazing collaborations and exhibits to view, follow Design Joburg on Instagram and look forward to the next one happening 25-27 May 2018.

Which is your favourite exhibition?

:)x B

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