Style My Space: Bedroom

Welcome to the Style My Space July feature.

Sooooo you have R5000 and you’d like to update your bedroom. Where should you spend that money? What are the most important things to have in a bedroom?

Well, that’s where you should start: is your bed (remember bedrooms are for sleeping) still comfortable or do you feel more pained after 8 hours of rest than you did before? If your current mattress is giving you back problems, then please consider using this amount on a new mattress. I love memory foam mattresses, but before deciding on one, do your research.

If your mattress is fine, do you have enough storage space be it in the form of drawers or cupboards? Nobody likes THE CHAIR. We all know people who swear by THE CHAIR: the one that serves as storage space for clean but unironed clothes as well as the laundry basket for the dirty clothes as well as your changing room chair. Yuck. Having lived in a university residence, I always did my best not to leave my clothes piled up, but on days I did, I remember always feeling as if I didn’t have my life together. As if my mother would be disappointed if she popped in for a visit. Luckily, you can’t surprise a person in a different province :). All that aside, why not refresh your space by adding some storage. If your space is limited, consider doing open shelves with some depth so you can stack your clothes there or perhaps a hanging rack mounted on the wall?

Consider this Metropolis Tall Boy (dresser), found here for R2000. Use this for some of your jeans; t-shirts; jerseys; sandals and; pumps.


Next up, comfortable pillows: 

People take for granted the difference a good pillow can make. Orthopedic Pillow and Mattress has the most comfortable pillows I have ever used. I’ve had mine since September 2013 and they have served me well. Everyone who comes over always raves about how comfortable my pillows are. Find one in your budget.

What about a pedestal/side table. There is literally one for every budget. Use this as a nightstand as well and give yourself some room for a book, something for your lips and other miscellaneous goods. I’d suggest a one drawer pedestal. If you don’t need this extra room, then definitely save on this and get a side-table. Love this one here. Remember your pedestal or side-table should be slightly lower than the top of your mattress or at the same height to allow you to manoeuvre its usage. A tall pedestal, no matter how cute, will soon irritate when it’s dark and you’re trying to grab for something.

download (1)

A lamp. Listen, you need light that you don’t need to walk towards to turn it on or off. Not only can you get hurt roaming around your room at night, but you can also wake your sleepy body up by getting up to turn off the main light. Listen babes, don’t do it. Treat yourself to some night lights, you’re grown now. Also when shopping for a lamp, be practical. Ask the store to give you a globe to test out the light before investing in a lamp. It makes no sense to buy a pretty lamp with minimal light or a glare which hurts your eyes. You need two by the way. It’s an unwritten rule but you really don’t need just one. Balance and symmetry are important regardless of how many share the bed. Find them here for R299.99.

download (2)

Next up, a mirror. Preferably a long, standing mirror so you can see yourself carefully. But if not, a mirror where you can catch clear glimpses of how you look before leaving. No need for your friends to tell you that your blouse has a hole in it, now you’ll be able to pick that up yourself. A lot of people, especially in new age thought say that mirrors are conceited and often diminish self esteem BUT to be quite frank, being presentable will always score you more points than not looking at yourself for 90 days. Here’s an over the door option for your taste buds, and of course to save space. It’s R200. It can also be mounted on your wall. download (3)

You should have about R800-R1000 left depending on the pieces you purchased, now it’s time to play with some accessories. Treat yourself to some matching bedding, but if you already have some, why not look at getting a thicker duvet cover: the thicker the more luxurious it looks. Good quality bedding lasts an unbelievably long time regardless of the washes. If you’ve saved on some of the other previously mentioned pieces, spend on your bedding. Stay away from bright colours, instead invest in some neutrals that can stand the test of powder. You could also get a plant for the corner; some printed wall art for your walls; some vanilla scented candles.

So that’s how to spend R5000 in your bedroom. I know some might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned a headboard. I’ve seen so many bedrooms getting away with not having a headboard simply by having big puffy long length pillows and artwork above the bed. I am for a headboard, mostly because it screams maturity (I also can’t explain why), but I think you can maybe save up for a sturdy one that will last you a few years?


Look out for the next few posts on styling a space on a budget.


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Posted by:Buyi Joy

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