Style My Space: Mirrors

Welcome to the Style My Space July feature.

One of the ways to update a home when you have a minimal budget is to focus on accessories or accent pieces especially in a lounge/living room setting. Adding some curtains, mirrors and greenery is one of the ways I believe can really rake up a room’s confidence. Last week‘s post focused on curtains and this week’s post will share details about mirrors. The last one of this series, will cover greenery.


Did you know that apart from functionality, being able to see a reflection of yourself, and aesthetic appeal, mirrors also serve a dimensional purpose. By using mirrors in a room your space, when reflected back, appears larger. Mirrors can break up an area which appears cluttered; be used to amplify or create lighting effects and; to expand walls.

1. The How

Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light in a room and create depth in a room when angled towards it or a focal point.

2. The Where

Behind a lighting feature

Image sourced here

 Where are your most prominent sources of light in your room? Perhaps, a lamp on your pedestal, a standing lamp in your lounge or a large candle with a base? Place a mirror directly behind those sources of light in order to stretch the reach of the light as well as bounce the light to create an interesting effect.

From mirrored cabinet doors to trays to wall mirrors, anything goes. Make sure to face the mirror to the light so it is reflected back and can create room depth.

Behind a big piece of furniture

mirror behind sofa erin V
Image sourced here

Use a mirror, of the same width, above a sofa, as wall art. The piece will look well placed and not cluttered or an afterthought. Consider placing a mirror above an entrance server/console. This can serve to be the last stop before departure but also as the first one upon entrance. It will also make the entrance seem more spacious and chic. The rule: the mirror width must be the same as the piece of furniture below or in front of it.

Mirror Wall

My rule: Unless it’s in your bedroom (slight cringe) or a dance studio, you should not have not frameless mirrors. That’s all about that then. 

Image sourced here

And by ‘mirror wall’, I do not mean all across the wall and bumper to bumper, or rather frame to frame.

A number of small or even large antique mirrors placed strategically across a wall, to look like wall paneling, will appear as art rather than a mish mash of wall, vomit and mirror. (Refer to my rule)

Image sourced here


Some more resources about how to use mirrors:

Apartment Therapy

Fresh Home

Real Simple

Here you can get more ideas of how to incorporate mirrors into your decor and how they can change your space.


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P.S: Posts come out every Wednesday during the afternoon (South African time) and on Monday or Friday expect a moodboard; something about traveling or sharing some insightful nice to knows. 🙂

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