Style My Space: Greenery

Welcome to the final Style My Space July feature.

One of the ways to update a home when you have a minimal budget is to focus on accessories or accent pieces especially in a lounge/living room setting. Adding some curtains, mirrors and greenery is one of the ways I believe can really rake up a room’s confidence. The first post in the series looked at choosing and hanging curtains while last week’s one focused on mirrors. This last one of the series, will cover greenery.

Greenery 1
Minimalist: wood and greenery. It feels like one big tree house and; is perfect for adding calm to your space.


Greenery (plants) is one of the most important elements in a room. Why? Because they provide so many benefits in your space. I’m not sure if this is across all cultures and races, but when I was younger, my mother had numerous big house plants in the corners of all our entertainment rooms. I know that a number of my friends had a similar setting in their childhood homes too. She watered these plants twice a week herself and then instructed everyone around her to leave her wonderful work alone. When I grew slightly older, she entrusted me, by her instruction, with one of the watering days. Now we live in an age where artificial plants look so much like the real thing. We are also extremely busy that not only do we not make time to water plants, we don’t even buy them as often as we used to. Although she no longer has house plants, my mother still makes time to water her little townhouse garden.

“Greenery” also became the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2017. Choosing this yellow-green bright colour as the one that will inform home decor, architecture, fashion, innovation and event styling is one way to bring a sense of calm and renewal into our daily lives. This green reminds one of being in nature and is a purposeful way to take any space from busy to serene. So has that seen a bloom in the use of plants in the spaces we occupy this year? Yes, of course. Plants are one of the simplest ways to incorporate this feeling into a space. As a matter of fact, decorative plant features have increased in popularity in the last few years. More people are moving away from artificial plants and seeking instead to have plant babies for which to care.

Greenery 2
Here, greenery is built in or incorporated into the space in the hanging plants.
  1. Benefits

According to Homedit, plants provide the following benefits:

  • Health

Because they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, plants can help to purify the air in your home. Houseplants can remove volatile organic compounds like those that come from cigarette smoke, vinyl, grocery bags, and other common household items. Studies have also shown that plants can speed recovery time for certain conditions, sharpen focus, reduce stress, and contribute to a variety of other health benefits.

  • Practical

Strategically placed plants in a home or office can actually help to reduce noise. Leafy greens, in particular, can help to muffle noise and make your home a more quiet and peaceful place. A good rule of thumb if using plants for this purpose is to have about one plant for every 100 square feet of space. For those who live in apartment buildings or townhomes, this could be a particularly useful strategy.

  • Visual/Aesthetic

The most obvious benefit to having plants around your home is the visual impact. Of course flowers around your home can bring color and interest, but simpler green plants can also help a room look cleaner and more polished. They can even help you cover up blemishes on your walls or unsightly cords running along your floors.

2. Choosing Plants

First thing’s first: unless you have hours on end to care for your plants, choose the lowest maintenance ones. Don’t overthink it, here’s a list of the most forgiving houseplants. I grew up around aloe, snake plants, philodendron and pothos. The motto: our moms know far more than we believe them to. And for those who travel often, here are some plants that won’t have you panicking about your babies while in a foreign country. You can enjoy some time away from your home in peace.

It’s also important to know to what size they generally grow and how to prune them when they do. Size is important…

And then, what are their growing conditions? Do they like sunlight and water or dark rooms with very little sunlight? When would this be important? For example, bathrooms generally have tinted or glazed windows with more artificial than natural lighting. So a plant that requires lots of sunlight would be inappropriate in a number of those spaces.

Finally, aesthetically, which plants would suit your space more? I like tall standing pot plants. They make your room appear larger. I like the contrast when the rich green leaves are against a neutral wall colour. Make sure to trim your plants so that you don’t break them as you move through the room. Nowadays you can also build them into your room by use wall planters or creating a green wall feature.

Greenery 0
In this specific one, I love that the pot plant marble-like pattern is repeated again in the artwork on the console and matches the grey of the couch. Also, perfect use of a mirror.

With the numerous benefits, you can definitely add some to your bedroom to increase the flow of clean air in the room. Every room can benefit from plants especially those with the least air coming in. Aesthetically, whether in a small vase along a console or side table, plants are a wonderful way to add body to a room for very little money. In South Africa you can visit your local nursery for the plant and then pay a quick visit to the China mall or market in your area in order to save on vases. Remember to ask the nursery staff whether you need any plant food for your new baby.


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P.S: Posts come out every Wednesday during the afternoon (South African time) and on Monday or Friday expect a moodboard; something about traveling or sharing some insightful nice to knows. 🙂

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